Hakone in its 10th Avataar celebrates its 15 years of roller coaster joy ride on the 3rd of December 2012


Hakone in its 10th Avataar celebrates its 15 years of roller coaster joy ride on the 3rd of December 2012. Hakone derived from Harsh, Komal and Neha was conceptualized in the first week of March 1097 at the lucky Santacruz Office of Mr. Surendra. After a healthy 9 month incubation it took birth and was opened to the public on 3rd December 1997. The response was spectacular- on the first New Year eve there was a long queue to enter Hakone on the first floor of Galleria where now we have Kareems and its family. The meticulously designed interiors by Thadani Hetzel had a grand impact on the spirit of Hakone. The simulators, redemption and gift machines were the best in India.

The popularity of Hakone  spread so fast that Powai and Hiranandani which were already synonymous included Hakone as its pet name. Within a short time a second Hakone was started at the First floor of Galleria B wing where we have now, the ICICI Bank Then followed the other avatars at Mini Land, Mini Golf and Go Karting- Rock Climbing was also added. The grand new Avataar at the Haiko Mall  added Bowling to the crown jewels. The Thane Residents saw Hakone at Powai and took it to Hiranandani Estate and Hiranandani Meadows. Today in its 10th Avataar it has moved to the new premises opposite Nirvana Park where Go Karting joined in after relinquishing its glorious heights on the hill. Hakone has been lucky for all. We hope that the 11th avataar including Bowling comes fast after clearing some minor hurdles for location. Pray that Hakone once again re-enters Thane in a big way with Go Karting and Bowling- as the Thane Population has now achieved the Minimum Critical Mass to not only sustain the venture but also to see it grow to greater heights. There is ample scope in Thane to include Boating in a professional way. May we be blessed with the 11th and 12th avatars at Thane.

The major factors which make Hakone distinguished are the open air environment and the sporty opportunities like Paintball, Zip – line, Jumpers, Paddle Boats, Bumpers and Rides. It caters to all ages from the tiny tots to granpasd and granmas. The youth, corporates and party crowds always want to keep coming back to Hakone.

On this occasion we have to thank Mr. Surendra for his grand support. We also thank the Directors and members of the staff- Engineering, Admin, Security and others of Hiranandani Group for help at all times.

Once again=- Hakone  offers great outdoor attractions- Go Karting, Paintball, Zip Line, Bumper Cars, Paddle Boats, Electric Bumper Boats and a variety of rides for all. The Entertainment Center has exciting Video and Redemption  games . The food choice is also attractive.. We also have special offers for Birthdays, Corporate Events, School and College Functions as well as discounts for charity and social groups. Paintball and Go Kart tournaments are also popular.

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