Games at Hakone Powai

Then: Hakone, situated in Galleria, had a bowling alley, a bunch of coin operated arcade games, pool table/room, cafeteria and a computer gaming network.

Now: Hakone, situated next to Powai Plaza has ‘Bumper Cars’, Paintball, a restaurant and a set of arcade games re-installed from the old establishment.

To get a better idea of what Hakone has to offer now, here is a list of activities that you can indulge in.

Coin Operated Arcade Games: You can never be too old to race, shoot a basket/terrorist, smack a crocodile or try to pick up a free bunny at the arcade parlor. With a maximum of two coins to be inserted in each machine, you can race with three of your friends in the ‘Victory Lap’.

You also have the option of going solo on the Alpine Racer or the Aqua Jet, where you have to maneuver the machine to navigate through the forest and the water, respectively. For those who enjoy target practice, Megalo50, Innocent Sweeper and Silent Scope 2 will give you and your friend a chance to play against the evil guys.

Paintball: An adventure sport similar to Counter Strike, Paintball has gained immense popularity in India. It is a team sport and is best enjoyed when it is played with 12 people or more. Players are required to play with pellets that can be purchased at the venue. The cost for 100 pellets is Rs.600 per person. A refill of 50 pellets is charged at Rs.250/- The outfit and gear is provided by the management.


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