Bull Ride

The only place where people rejoice when someone falls- of course on a safe cushion= The bull is furious but sensitive and gives you 3 chances to stick to him. It is tough and almost impossible but most enjoyable.  


Battle the enemy in a real simulated field with barriers and hideouts, the mask and safety jackets save you from the plastic bullets. The bullets are plastic encapsulation filled with edible oil with edible color dye. Beware of flying objects too.

Go Karting

A Go karting track of 200 meters offers Karts with Honda Engines of 5.5HP. An all weather track it is closed only while it rains and is ready in 10 minutes after the rain stops. A fully cemented track is ideal for karting. Safety is our prime interest- each Kart is controlled remotely in case of […]

Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats – Aqua Pads  For our little guests , hand driven boats give a thrilling floating experience as well as healthy exercise to the young ones.

Foodie Galore

Foodie Galore- Veg delights and shawrmas or Big burgers and tandoori  delights , pick your snack and choose the informal place to enjoy the snack-open air or canopy. The best place to have special fish and delicacies of Bengal is also at Hakone.